What's This?


I’m a psychology undergraduate in Pécs, Hungary, and an aspiring online content creator. This is my personal website, where you can find thoughts and articles about psychology, personal development and philosophy. No worries, I’m not going hardcore (to be fair, my knowledge would not even be enough for that). I aim to share my ideas and thoughts, so maybe you can learn new things or find something interesting here. I’m also documenting my experience studying and living in Aberystwyth (in short: Aber) and Pécs, two beautiful towns in Europe.


I also have a YouTube channel, Think and Grow, with a video on stoic philosophy. I have only uploaded this one so far, but it’s pretty long, comprehensive and thorough. I’m working on new videos as well, with the goal of providing useful and entertaining video essays that summarize a wide range of popular and important topics. I used to have another, “top-10-lists” kind of channel in Hungarian, which was successful, but I lost my motivation along the way. This is my new, more purposeful project that aims to spread knowledge, critical thinking and meaningful debate.


If you’re interested in what I’m doing, check out my articles: they are longer writings on the above topics. You can choose what you’re interested in based on labels. If you just want to read something very short, check my Thoughts page. I’m planning to post regularly, firstly uploading a big load of the content of my older writings.


Links to my social media and YouTube channel can be found below. Feel free to message me or leave a comment anywhere! I’d love to meet like-minded people and build a supportive community! Let’s have meaningful debates and discussions.


I hope you find this interesting.




P.S. I’m a complete begginer at WordPress. Please excuse me if you’re experiencing any bugs here.